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Jack Mckeever                                                                                        

Jack McKeever is a Reiki Master/Teacher who over the years has always been interested in herbal products. It is his firm believe that Herbal Products will always be more beneficial for someone than a synthetic drugs. Having finished three years of college he started up the business of 3-III's and researched more and more on naturopathic remedies.

Karen Helton makes wonderful crochet blankets so they decide to put together herbal Bathrooms.com. Located in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada they offer shipping or curb side pick up.. The Web site is ongoing as they work to complete a "medicine chest" for all that ails you, replacing the need for pharmaceuticals. Look for new creations by Karen Helton and of course salves, oils, creams and soaps made by Jack Mckeever. The only product to date that we carry that we do not make is a vegan soap by Crate 61. This business started right here in our own kitchen and it is our desire that it spreads right across the country.

Thank you.